about me

Me and my dog Izzy.

Hi, my name is David Rinaldo. I’m a software engineer and leader currently on a mid-career break to focus on passion projects.

I’m an amateur radio operator technician class and my callsign is KQ4NTX.

I subscribe to Crocker’s Rules. You won’t offend me so you may feel free to format your communications with me to optimize for information transfer.

There’s a new decentralized social media built around the Nostr protocol. It solves many issues of centralization and censorship problems Mastodon has. Similar also to Secure ScuttleButt but without the focus on local only asynchronous communication paradigm. I host a Nostr relay which is locked down to my close friends at the moment. If you want to use it get in touch with me and I’m happy to add your npub.

Why dvdt.dev?

PGP Public Key

Fingerprint: 6FF9 2943 B795 21DC 51D2 4734 715C 88E0 E239 7C72