about me

That's me. And that's my dog Izzy.

some fun facts about me:

I am a software engineer and Golang is my favorite language. I will try anything twice. I have seen most movies. Izzy once broke my finger. I love to cook and I'm sometimes good at it. I recently became an avid cyclist. And finally I don't actually like talking about myself so this is hard.

about the blog:

My primary hopes for this blog are to a.) actually put things here for you and b.) to document the things I learn. As a tech junky I learn new things all the time. My learning style isn't what I would call "structured". Since I was a kid I have taught myself by tinkering and that's worked out pretty well for me so far. This blog is supposed to be a way of exercising some structure into the tinkering. :)

find me elsewhere:

I'm no longer active on Twitter/Facebook but you can find me these places:

Mastodon - @dvdt@mastodon.online

Instagram - @dhthomp

David Lick PGP Public Key

Fingerprint: 6FF9 2943 B795 21DC 51D2 4734 715C 88E0 E239 7C72