I visualize knowledge as a horizon. Everyone has a personal “horizon of knowing”, and all that you see is the ocean of all that you know. Beyond your horizon is a vast “void of unknowing”. Out there are all the things you don’t know, and it’s infinite.

Within your “horizon of knowing”, in your personal ocean of knowledge, you will find clues of holes in your understanding. Clues that when followed lead you way out in the void of unknowing. As a forever student, I believe our purpose is to find comfort in the void and to seek out the clues that will take us there.

It’s never done and you never know “enough”. The horizon never meets an end and only ever grows (and unearths new holes). Being a forever student is about the process and the journey of learning and discovery, rather than the destination. There are no shortcuts to growing your horizon of knowing. The horizon itself is the proof of work.