Today marks 30 days since I voluntarily left my job managing a high performing software engineering team. I’ve worked non-stop since I was 14 years old and those who know me know that I pour my heart and soul into anything I do. My life motto is “no half measures” because I believe anything worth doing is worth putting your all into. But that’s meant I haven’t had a lot of free time or mental space to work on personal projects.

Coping with the loss of loved ones has weighed on me in ways I didn’t really anticipate. One of the ways has been guilt for not making time for my passion projects. When I imagine myself 40 or 50 years from now, I feel pretty confident I won’t look back with any regret for taking a chance at building new things (even flops). But something I know future me will regret is never making the effort to try something new. So I’ve committed to taking the next 18 months to follow my passion projects with all my focus.

My goals for the next 18 months

  1. Launch Blocky Clock as an open source project. I’ll sell assembled Blocky Clocks in a store but release a shopping list, instructions, and Raspberry Pi images for folks that want to build their own.
  2. Launch QRM Hunter as a subscription service. A lot of the backend and frontend is done and needs another push to get it out there.
  3. I’ve recently incorporated Whisker Tech LLC and I want to establish this brand as a high quality web design and development firm.
  4. Run a half marathon.