I’ve updated my blog engine to a static site generator called Hugo. It uses markdown files as it’s content data structure and on build converts that markdown into static HTML. So far I really love it. I had some issues with my previous blog platform, Ghost. I never quite figured out why but after an update I wasn’t able to reach the /ghost admin URL anymore. The site was reachable and worked fine, but when I would attempt to reach the admin I would time out.

My blog doesn’t need to be anything fancy so Ghost was certainly “overpowered” for my use case. But it was easy to set up and easy to use, but the biggest draw for me was being able to edit my posts in markdown. Hugo has so far given me the best of editing in my preferred format and easy of use as well as no complicated backends with tons of features I don’t use. I just trigger a redeploy of the Docker container, Hugo rebuilds my site, and Nginx serves it. Easy. Though there is some room for automating that process further.