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I have probably installed Arch Linux ten times in as many years. I see other distros every once in a while that I want to try out but I always end up back with Arch. There’s something very satisfying in knowing exactly what is running on your system down to the process. Having everything hand picked to be exactly what you want just makes it feel like home.

My main computer for a long time was a 2014 13-inch Macbook Pro. I didn’t have space in a one bedroom apartment for a desktop so I made the most with what I had. This year I moved into a two bedroom with my girlfriend and I have an office now so I built my dream gaming computer. I was in such a hurry to play some games that I picked a distro that was easy to install, but close enough to Arch, and that was Manjaro. Overall, I was very happy with the experience Manjaro has: it was easy to install, had some cool layouts for Gnome, it had some good programs installed by default. It still just didn’t feel like it was mine.

Bonus: my entire system runs idle with 1.25GB memory which is roughly 50% lower than in Manjaro. I’m not sure what was using up that much RAM before but but it feels good to know now.

So… btw I run arch